Schools and Conferences

Each school or conference has many modules which are in-depth topics on its own and each school may have anything from 3 to 12 modules. Though there is a general pattern for each school, the classes are dynamic and automatic in nature and we like to flow and move with what the Lord wants us to do in each instance.

The schools are not done with an academics angle and the purpose is not to fill you with a lot of bible knowledge. Our focus is on the Lord imparting supernatural empowerment so as to change and transform your lives to lead the supernatural life naturally. The schools therefore are workshops where we try to give you hands on experience where applicable and initiate you in to the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

We also try to arrange the flow of the meeting depending on the time available to us which generally would vary from 3 hours to 12 day sessions.

1. School of the Holy Spirit

2. Hearing God

3. Healing School

4. Deliverance school

5. The Secret place Conference

6. Developing an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit

7. The New Creation basic study

8. The New Creation advanced study

9. The Union